"I have had the pleasure of knowing Sylvia for 17 years.  When my daughter was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome in 1994, Sylvia was an intake worker at the Geneva Centre for Autism.  She was a lifesaver for my family.  Not only was she extremely knowledgeable in regard to Asperger’s, but she was also patient, empathetic and kind.  She allowed us the time and knowledge our family needed to accept our daughter’s diagnosis and helped us guide our family to a place of acceptance.  She was also able to direct us to services and individuals who were invaluable to our work with our daughter. She helped me find the strength I needed to carry on. She is hard working, reliable, and extremely kind and nurturing.  She treats individuals with the dignity and respect they deserve.  She has a special way of making her clients feel valued, understood, and secure enough to take risks in their own learning."

April Mutis, Parent of an adult with Asperger’s Syndrome


“Our journey to the world on Autism started when our only child, Ron, was diagnosed  with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the age of 3.  So many questions  came out...  what happens now? ... where will we start?... whom shall we go through?  We met Ms. Sylvia Sikakane who enlightened  and  gave us the courage, showed us the way on how to get started, and how to understand  the ins and outs  of Autism.  Ms. Sikakane, whom we felt very secured,  has  guided  us and  through her  we learned all about Autism.  She was the one who patiently attends to Ron while we were barely new to the disability.  It was thru Sylvia who helped us decide and choose which services were appropriate and necessary for Ron.  She was the one who enlightened us so we can accept the reality of Autism. Thru her continuous mentoring and guidance, we had built a solid foundation to us parents and as a family.  And thru her, Ron has attained extra ordinary achievements which helped him to cope his disability”.

Lucy Adea, Parent of a youth with Autism


Sylvia has an extensive knowledge and a profound understanding of the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  Thanks to her great humanity and her deep understanding, she always is able to deeply empathize with the grief and struggles of the families touched by an ASD. Through her gentleness and her graciousness, she shows them how much she sincerely cares, and she always does her utmost to provide them with the most appropriate support they need. 

Her total respect for and dedication to the ASD individuals and their families is unwavering and long lasting as it can be seen by the number of years she’s remained connected with many of them.

She is a rare kind of person that many families feel very privileged and very fortunate to have been working with”.

Parent of an adult with Asperger’s Syndrome