Specialized System Navigation

We empower and build confidence in families:

  • Help families to quickly and easily gain access to specialized funded and unfunded services to support the family’s desired goals
  • Provide personalized knowledge and supports, unbiased answers to questions and concerns they have about the future
  • Organize and coordinate services and supports that are most appropriate to the family’s unique situation
  • Provide customized service roadmap that clearly helps walk a family through the steps they need to take to ensure that they are on the right track in the short term and long term.
  • Equip parents with advocacy skills and information in order to successfully navigate the service system and make informed choices
  • Provide practical and useful information, direction and guidance to build confidence in the family’s ability to successfully work with service providers/professionals in order to advocate for services and their son/daughter child with an ASD.
  • Consultation and support in navigating the school system