Typical Service Situations

Our families are going through a critical time following a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders that often leaves them feeling overwhelmed and not sure about what to do next and where to turn for help.

Our families benefit from specialized, counseling and coaching support that is provided by a matured, experienced professional focusing on the family as a unit to facilitate their adjustment to the diagnosis, inspire hope, and promote adaptive coping.

Some of our families are dealing with a significant transition in their son/daughter’s development and are looking for a mature, experienced professional with proven problem solving and coaching skills.

Our families benefit from a customized service roadmap that helps put decisions into perspective, provide follow up support and stay connected as the family interacts with the school, the service system and the world around them to ensure the whole family thrives.

As needed, our families benefit from being connected with professionals who are experienced in the area of ASDs to provide an individualized intervention plan that uniquely addresses the needs of each child, youth or adult with an ASD.


We strengthen Individual, Couple, and Family Life by providing:

  • Personalized, sensitive and compassionate individual, couple and family counseling and coaching, using a solution-focused therapy approach to guide and facilitate the family’s adjustment and adaptive coping.
  • Couple parenting and coaching sessions to enhance the parents’ confidence in parenting their son/daughter with an ASD.
  • Relationship counseling to enhance relationships, increase confidence, set and achieve goals
  • Individual sessions for people on the Spectrum
  • Sibling support and counseling.

Specialized System Navigation

We empower and build confidence in families:

  • Help families to quickly and easily gain access to specialized funded and unfunded services to support the family’s desired goals
  • Provide personalized knowledge and supports, unbiased answers to questions and concerns they have about the future
  • Organize and coordinate services and supports that are most appropriate to the family’s unique situation
  • Provide customized service roadmap that clearly helps walk a family through the steps they need to take to ensure that they are on the right track in the short term and long term.
  • Equip parents with advocacy skills and information in order to successfully navigate the service system and make informed choices
  • Provide practical and useful information, direction and guidance to build confidence in the family’s ability to successfully work with service providers/professionals in order to advocate for services and their son/daughter child with an ASD.
  • Consultation and support in navigating the school system


Individual Treatment and intervention Supports

We introduce parents to a team of experienced professionals who are skilled in assessing and developing intervention programs specifically tailored to each child and family’s needs. They are also available to support with correct implementation, monitoring and modification as each child’s needs change.

This network includes the following professionals:

  • Behavior management
  • SLP - Speech therapy provides professional help and guidance in communication development for individuals with autism.
  • OT - Occupational therapists are an essential part of the treatment team working on these deficits and primarily work on improving functional skills.
  • Music therapy
  • Expressive art therapy